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      1. 公司簡介



        Shanghai Lanjian Weighing Technology Co., Ltd.. For many years, SHLJ has been committed to providing the best scientific research products and high-quality after-sales service in the intelligent field of most major power groups. Our company has the top national-level detection equipment, strong scientific research and development team and perfect quality assurance system.

        Our company's core patented products include "LDF-FLM Series Intelligent individual-furnace coal measurement System Based on Dynamic correction","TIO Series Electronic Belt Weigher Online Intermediate Check System","LDF-XCJ Series Dynamic hopper Metering System of Ship Unloader","LDF-LJK Series Accurate Flow-Control System of Ship Unloader"and "ICSBW-JD Series Coal blending weighing system on Bucket wheel machine" etc.



        Base on the develpoment and manufacture of the weighing apparatus,Coalesce with artificial intelligence and Internet  of things;
        Making a contribution to proceed into Electric Industry 4.0 by assisting in the management of Smart Power Plant.



        電 話:+86 21 3883 0088,3883 0188

        傳 真:+86 21 6858 0198

        郵 箱:138220805@qq.com

        網 址:www.integrated-data-solutions.com

        地 址:上海市浦東新區成山路220號